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Letters: And then there's Holly Petraeus

November 20, 2012

Re “Bright shining knucklehead,” Column, Nov. 17

I'm a guy, but Sandy Banks' column about knuckleheads is right on.

High-powered guys like David H. Petraeus seem to operate with brains between their legs. And women like Paula Broadwell think they are eternal princesses.

Thanks for telling it like it is.

Steve Siry


I was disturbed by the line about Holly Petraeus as someone “who let herself go, to put it gently.”

Could it be that she was focusing on the needs of others rather than herself?

Her bio indicates that during the 23 moves with her husband, she has served as a volunteer in support of military families. She is now assistant director of the consumer financial protection agency for service members.

The column does assert that “Holly is not the problem.” But why the need to be so superficially critical?

Let's give Holly Petraeus kudos for championing the needs of our armed forces.

Judy Melton


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