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UCLA football coaches reap the financial benefits of success

The total of potential bonuses for Coach Jim Mora and his assistants as they go on to a bowl game and play for the Pac-12 title, among other benchmarks, is $950,000.

November 20, 2012|By Chris Foster, Los Angeles Times
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The price of success is adding up for UCLA.

The Bruins are guaranteed to make a bowl game appearance and have a spot in the Pac-12 Conference championship game. According to contracts, each assistant coach receives $10,000 for a bowl game and $15,000 for reaching the conference title game.

Winning the Pac-12 title and going to the Rose Bowl game earns assistants an additional $25,000.

The cha-ching for head Coach Jim Mora is even louder.

Mora receives a bonus for each regular-season victory above five — an extra $100,000 so far. He could also earn a $50,000 bonus for being chosen Pac-12 coach of the year and $100,000 for national coach of the year, as well as bonuses for winning the Pac-12 title game, going to the Rose Bowl and winning the Rose Bowl.

The total of potential bonuses for Mora and his assistants: $950,000.

And for beating USC? Yup, that was priceless.

Do we have a Volunteer?

Bruins fans need to brace themselves. With success comes rumors. Mora has enjoyed success, and the Internet jibber jabber has begun.

Tennessee is interested in Mora. Arkansas is in line, as well. Both ideas were making the rounds Monday.

Mora confirmed that, indeed, there was another school on his radar.

"My mind is on Stanford," he said, referring to Saturday's opponent at the Rose Bowl. "I don't listen to the noise."

So would he be interested in looking around?

"I'm interested in Stanford," Mora said.

Tomorrow's headline: Mora doesn't deny interest in fill-in-the-blank job.

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