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Letters: Valet violations

November 21, 2012

Re "L.A. looks to curb unruly valet parking," Nov. 17

One sentence in this article stuck out: "Several city agencies and valet company operators and business worked together to devise the proposed rules." Huh?

I have witnessed and experienced all of the egregious valet parking behaviors detailed in the article. The most heinous behavior has been "monopolizing metered spots." Why can valet companies use street spots in the first place?

Some might ask why valets shouldn't be able to use the same meters as everyone else. My reply: Why should they be able to jack up the $2 I'd pay the meter to $20 or whatever ridiculous fee they charge? Shouldn't a company that charges money for parking be required to park the cars in a lot it owns?

If the valet companies can charge people for street parking, I should be able to charge anyone who parks on the street in front of my house.

Frank Balkin

Sherman Oaks


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