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Letters: Democrats now truly in charge

November 22, 2012

Re "Stop before you tax again!," Editorial, Nov. 18

Words of caution are probably necessary concerning the Democrats' two-thirds majority in the Legislature, but it should be pointed out that the intentions of the voters of California have been thwarted for many years because of the undemocratic tyranny of the legislative minority in both houses.

There have been many proposals to fix our budget deficits. Our problems would not be occurring, and Proposition 30 would not have been needed, if there had been an orderly process for the expression of the will of the voters.

Ralph Mitchell

Monterey Park

The Democrats have achieved their supermajority in Sacramento, and now they are getting comfortable with the driver's seat. They should be careful before they get into gear and clutch more of our tax dollars.

State Sen. Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) already legislated microchips for pets and a shark-fin ban. Parents cannot allow their kids in tanning salons, nor can they seek to prevent their homosexuality using therapists. Now Lieu wants to triple our car registration fees. Why not quadruple or quintuple the tax?

Lieu may be the one who gets more people off the road. Gov. Jerry Brown just signed into law legislation that would permit self-driving cars on California roads, and that bullet train is still going nowhere fast.

Perhaps Lieu is planning on driving me and the rest of his constituents wherever we want to go.

Arthur Christopher Schaper



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