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Letters: A heavy toll for L.A. commuters

November 22, 2012

Re "Toll lanes figure to pay off," Column, Nov. 18

Los Angeles commuters have to be the most gullible people on Earth. It started with the dismantling of the Red Cars and now culminates with the toll lanes down the center of the 110 Freeway. I saw that double-decker monstrosity being built in the 1980s, knowing it would do nothing to relieve my commute from Pasadena to Torrance and back, and it didn't.

The taxpayers of Los Angeles should be incensed that their traffic planners could not see that a carpool lane on each freeway was not going to do much to relieve congestion. Commuters should be outraged that they paid to build a system that someone else is going to make plenty of money running.

Wise up, Los Angeles.

Rick Smathers



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