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Letters: So long, snack icons

November 23, 2012
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Re "My Hostess envy," Opinion, Nov. 21

Much has been written about the demise of the Twinkie, and rightly so, but what of its sister snack foods, the CupCake, Sno Ball and Ding Dong? Wherefore the Ho Hos, Chocodile, Suzie-Q and even the humble Zinger? If you squeeze them, do they not ooze? If you bite them, do they not crumble?

Enough on the Twinkie, I say. Let us celebrate its sister snack foods as well. They may not have the name recognition of Hostess' flagship product, but they deserve our notice and the respect that comes with it.

Dan Gilvezan

Sherman Oaks

Re "Hostess says mediation has failed," Nov. 21

Kudos to the union bosses for telling their workers at Hostess Brands to hold fast and not make any concessions to their employer. Wait, hold those kudos — now those workers look to be out of a job.

I have been in different unions, and they're all the same. They collect the dues, tell the members what they want to hear and then run and hide when it all goes bad. Talk about stupid unions and gullible workers.

Tim Luckett

Rancho Cucamonga

If Hostess really wanted to stay in business, it could hire nonunion workers. With an 8% unemployment rate, I doubt it would have any problem finding people to break the picket line.

I suspect Hostess officials are just using the union as a scapegoat.

Brent Trafton

Long Beach


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