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Nosaj Thing's video for 'Eclipse/Blue' offers abstract beauty

November 27, 2012|By Randall Roberts | Los Angeles Times Pop Music Critic
  • Still from Nosaj Thing's video for "Eclipse/Blue."
Still from Nosaj Thing's video for "Eclipse/Blue." (Courtesy of the Creator's…)

On its own, the mesmerizing new track by Los Angeles beat producer Nosaj Thing  is notable. A luscious, elegant electronic work that features the breathy vocals of Blonde Redhead's Kazu Makino, "Eclipse/Blue" seems to float out of speakers and spin curlicues in the air before hitting the eardrums. 

"Eclipse/Blue" is the first single for Nosaj Thing's highly anticipated sophomore album, "Home." Coming three years after his debut, "Drift," helped signal the arrival of a new school of Los Angeles electronic music, the new record arrives Jan. 22 via L.A. label Innovative Leisure. Fans of the meandering melodies and delicate touch of the Aphex Twin will find much to love on "Home," as will advocates of Nosaj Thing's L.A. peer Flying Lotus.

But Nosaj has his own thing going on "Home," which at its best resists easy categorization. It's tough to craft an identifiable sound using laptop software, given that so many electronic composers rely on the same sounds and structures. What makes Nosaj notable is how magnetic his tones are, how much personality they have.

You can hear it all over "Eclipse/Blue," and see it manifested as body movement for the video, which was created by Tokyo-based artist and programmer Daito Manabe in conjunction with the Creator's Project. The new clip expands the song's drifting quality into stunning visual realms, weaving surreal abstractions into the fabric of the music.

Watch below. 


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