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Prince stays slinky in 'Rock and Roll Love Affair' video

November 27, 2012|By August Brown
  • Prince at Coachella.
Prince at Coachella. (Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles…)

This post has been updated, see below for details.

No one knows whether Prince's latest single, "Rock and Roll Love Affair," ends with a pancake breakfast. But it sure begins in classic Prince fashion -- a backing band of lissome ladies providing an exquisite disco-funk setting for his ageless coos. 

In his new video for the single, Prince does what he always does -- exudes impossible sex appeal for all persuasions, leading his charges through a deliciously yacht rock-ish romp that's beautifully recorded and, given the recent return of live-band disco, both classic and entirely of its time.

There's no news yet about a forthcoming album, though in the recent past, Prince has held a few long-standing engagements in major cities (including Los Angeles in 2011) and released this video on YouTube despite his well-documented Internet aversion.

You can unpack Prince's output for clues about his ever-inscrutable plans, but that doesn't deter from the news that we all woke up this morning to a fantastic new Prince single.

For the Record: An earlier version of this post misidentified bassist Esperanza Spalding as part of Prince's band.


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