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Letters: Larry Hagman -- an actor and a character

November 27, 2012

Re "Actor played villain J.R. Ewing on TV's 'Dallas,'" Obituary, Nov. 24

When I was 10 years old, Larry Hagman, Bill Cosby and others were filming "Mother, Jugs & Speed" down the street from my parents' house in Venice. The neighborhood kids would loiter around the set gawking at the equipment and activity; we were too young to be star struck. I fondly remember Hagman and Cosby hamming it up for us, smiling back whenever we smiled or laughed.

Decades later I saw Hagman in Santa Monica and made a point of thanking him for engaging us rather than simply having us run off by security. His reply was kind, and he seemed genuinely moved. He will be missed.

Frederic E. Bloomquist

San Pedro

In reading Hagman's obituary, I smiled when remembering the time I directed him on "Dallas." It was a wonderful experience because his attitude was always, "It ain't Shakespeare we're doing here; let's have fun."

Indeed, we did.

Robert C. Thompson

Marina Del Rey


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