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L.A. Auto Show: Chevrolet's spunky Spark EV

November 28, 2012|By Salvador Rodriguez
  • Chevrolet unveiled the Spark EV, the eletric version of its urban mini car.
Chevrolet unveiled the Spark EV, the eletric version of its urban mini car. (Chevrolet )

Chevrolet unveiled the Spark EV on Wednesday at the L.A. Auto Show, a powerful electric version of its urban mini car.

The Spark EV's electric motor, with 130 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque, makes it more powerful than its gas alternative and capable of hitting 60 mph in less than eight seconds. Chevrolet says the Spark EV will be one of the fastest electric vehicles on the market.

Another impressive part of the Spark EV is an optional feature that lets it recharge quickly. Chevrolet claims the Spark EV is the first car in North America to offer SAE Combo DC Fast Charge, a feature that lets the Spark EV charge 80% of its battery's capacity in about 20 minutes.

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The car is also able to fully charge in under seven hours when using a 240V outlet. The Spark EV uses a 20-kWh lithium ion battery that comes with an eight-year, 100,000-mile warranty.

Another feature users may like is the Spark EV's integration with Siri, Apple's voice assistant feature for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Chevrolet said the Spark EV works with iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S devices to integrate Siri through the car's MyLink radio feature.

Chevrolet is also boasting the Spark EV's two 7-inch LCD screens. The two displays are used to show the Spark EV's vehicle functions.

The car will be available next summer in California, Oregon, South Korea and Canada. Chevrolet said the Spark EV will be priced at less than $25,000 with federal tax incentives in the U.S., and in California, it will be eligible for high-occupancy vehicle lanes.

The Spark EV will be available in blue, black, white, silver and titanium color options.


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