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Stephen Colbert and Dolly Parton sing 'Love is Like a Butterfly'

November 28, 2012|By Meredith Blake

Regular viewers of “The Colbert Report” know that when musical guests drop by the show, Stephen Colbert isn’t content to sit there asking question: He likes to sing along.

In recent months Colbert has performed alongside Bonnie Raitt, Placido Domingo, Toby Keith, Harry Belafonte and Elvis Costello, to name just a few. So when country legend Dolly Parton sat down for a chat with Colbert to plug her new book, “Dream More,” it was all but inevitable they’d sing a duet.

Of course, there was some small talk first. Colbert fessed up to having a crush on Dolly back in the day, and the stars, both raised in enormous families, competed to see who could name all their siblings the fastest (Colbert won by a hair).

Then it was time to sing. Decked out in his finest rhinestone jacket, Colbert was also in charge of playing the guitar (Dolly’s nails were too long for the task), which may have been why he was a little nervous. After a few false starts, they finally got off the ground, performing a sweet little duet of her 1974 hit “Love is Like a Butterfly.”


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