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Letters: No retreat for Petraeus

November 28, 2012

Re "The comeback general," Opinion, Nov. 25

Until the latter part of the 20th century, apparently, American society believed that donning a military uniform suppressed — or should suppress — one's primal urges. The media indulged this quaint belief while ignoring indiscretions committed by high-ranking military officers and even the commander in chief.

Times have changed, thankfully —not that America now condones its service members cheating on their spouses, but we more realistically view the humanity of our leaders and more prudently decline to pass judgment on them, the better to benefit from their rare talents.

Let's welcome Army Gen. David H. Petraeus back to public service.

Sandra Perez

Santa Maria

Despite the sex scandal, Doyle McManus predicts a shining future for Petraeus: "He's had offers to teach from at least four universities and had conversations about seats on corporate boards. He's thinking about giving speeches, writing a book on leadership or even becoming a talking head on television."

I have a better comeback strategy: Strike while the iron's hot. Publish a tell-all memoir while everybody still pants for the steamy details. If Monica Lewinsky reportedly got $12 million for her memoirs, just think what Petraeus' might fetch. And then there are the movie rights.

Al Ramrus

Pacific Palisades

When was there a time that we were a Puritan America? Go way back to the Founding Fathers and we find all kinds of high-level officials fathering illegitimate children and committing adultery. That includes Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

From more recent times, I can list several lawmakers and presidents who engaged in adultery.

So what is the big deal with Petraeus?

Allen F. Dziuk



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