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Letters: Political donors and the law

November 28, 2012

Re "States press groups to list donors," Nov. 26

The argument by nonprofit groups resisting disclosure of donors described in this article — that they are "caught between conflicting state and federal regulations" — is a specious one.

Federal tax and election laws do not require disclosure, but these laws do not in any way forbid disclosure under other applicable law, including state disclosure requirements.

Ellen Aprill

Los Angeles

The writer is a professor at Loyola Law School.

Those concerned about this country's slide from democracy to oligarchy should heed Bob Dylan's prescient warning in "Subterranean Homesick Blues," his classic 1965 ditty: "Look out kid, they keep it all hid."

More power to individual states' endeavors to overcome the U.S. Supreme Court's imprudent Citizens United decision.

Gene Martinez

Orcutt, Calif.


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