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Letters: A sad move in Santa Monica

November 28, 2012

Re "Planned demolition stirs fears," Nov. 25

Thank you for your thoughtful article, in which I was quoted, on the misguided decision by the Santa Monica City Council to allow a developer to eliminate the lovely, leafy neighborhood of seniors at the Village Trailer Park.

In our small city, so lacking in parks and green space, we will soon see the historic trailer park replaced by an ugly, claustrophobic housing project that, according to its own environmental impact report, can be expected to cause significant and unavoidable traffic impacts at numerous intersections in Santa Monica and West Los Angeles. The environmental impact report predicts the project will produce about 2,000 additional car trips in a Westside already choking on traffic. And the trauma experienced by the community of elders being displaced is immeasurable and unforgivable.

Tricia Crane

Santa Monica


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