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Letters: Too much trash, too many people

November 28, 2012

Re "A toxic battleground," Nov. 25

Residents of Kettleman City, Calif., claim that toxic waste dumped into a nearby landfill is responsible for illnesses, birth defects and even some children's deaths.

Consider India, where crowding in parts of the country forces some citizens to live in waste dumps. Consider the lights of Las Vegas, other lights and store TVs, which are on all the time as if it were a divine right. Consider the ocean being treated as a sewer. Consider the problem of world population growth: thousands of years to reach 1 billion people (1810), 120 more years to 2 billion (1930), another 30 to 3 billion (1960) and about 50 more to today's nearly 7 billion.

Consider: Nobody is really doing anything to change it.

Roger Newell

San Diego


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