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Richard Marx has drunken one-man Twitter party

November 29, 2012|By Randall Roberts
  • Richard Marx, in a photo he tweeted to fans Wednesday night.
Richard Marx, in a photo he tweeted to fans Wednesday night. (Richard Marx (via Twitter) )

One of the great benefits of living in the ever-churning social media era is the seemingly random cycle of familiar names that can rise to the surface at any given moment. Witness the unexpected return Wednesday night of hit-making singer and songwriter Richard Marx.

About halfway through Marx's hilariously loose run of tweets, the singer let on that his manager was trying to get a hold of him: "Cell phone just rang. Manager (watching me on Twitter) on caller ID. Me: 'And THIS was the call I was expecting!!!!!!'"

Why the expectation? Perhaps due to one of the tweets that the hit-making songwriter from the '80s and '90s had posted earlier:



Those were some of a dozen rapid-fire missives made by Marx, who also won a Grammy in 2004 for his work co-writing "Song for My Father" with R&B singer Luther Vandross.

The tirade from Marx seems to have started with the singer repeatedly blasting American Airlines for apparently losing his luggage before Wednesday's concert in Stuart, Fla. After thanking the airline, at one point he explained he'd be performing "in Speedos and a lavender tube-top. But also in Chuck Taylors, too, so..."

Three hours later (presumably after the concert) he was back on Twitter and feeling feisty. After imagining Blake Shelton's reaction to his bender, Marx invited his followers over for some drinks. "Hey in my room!" he wrote, and seemed to gain a burst of energy from the online world's reaction: "OMG it's so fun to be on Twitter when you don't have a career to worry about protecting!!!!!"

He continued to enjoy himself (one tweet read, simply, "Weeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!") for the next few hours, posting a few photos of himself with a full wine glass, frowning with an empty one, then smiling again with his refill. At some point Twitter apparently gave him a time-out, but he was nonplussed: "... No worries. I'm still hammered." 

Before signing off four hours after the missives began, Marx offered one final invite: "Who's meeting me for iced mochas and scones in the morning?" Name the time and place, and Pop & Hiss will be there.

Marx briefly returned to Twitter on Thursday morning in good spirits. "Wait...what? Did something happen last night?" he wrote. But just so the evening wasn't entirely in vain, Pop & Hiss would also like to note that Marx has a new Christmas album out called "Christmas Spirit." 


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