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'Top Chef' Season 10: Everybody hates John

November 29, 2012|By Jenn Harris
  • John Tesar.
John Tesar. ( )

In the first 10 minutes of Wednesday night's "Top Chef," contestant John Tesar solidified his status as the "most hated chef" on the show. Not only does he captiously insult Kuniko Yagi, who went home on the previous episode, he spars unrelentingly with C.J. and 'The Stache' Joshua Valentine. He goes so far as to call Valentine "Oklahoma" and disrespect him with "Oklahoma has no tact." Arrogant much? 

Tensions are high when Padma introduces guest judge and "Top Chef Masters" alumni Naomi Pomeroy and gives the chefs their Quickfire Challenge: Butcher a cut of beef and create a dish. Eyes roll around the kitchen when Pomeroy names Tesar the winner. He may be annoying, but it's clear he can cook. He butchered his own meat and pulled out a tender braised oxtail with potato gnocchi in one hour! 

For the elimination challenge the chefs are asked to revive the original 1950s menu at the iconic Canlis restaurant. Crab cocktail, liver and onions, a tossed hard could it be? With Tesar acting as expo -- The Stache compared his expediting to a monkey - the kitchen was a bit of a mess. He commanded about as much respect as a meter maid. 

Stefan was able to impress the judges with his griiled liver and onions, Tyler Wiard made an impressive, classic crab cocktail and "Twiggy" Kristen Kish snagged the win and $10,000 with two side dishes: fried onions to accompany Stefan's liver and mushrooms. Winning $10,000 for fried onions and mushrooms? They must have been the best onions and mushrooms in the entire world! 

"Hot Mess" Carla Pellegrino's poorly butchered and overcooked squab and Chrissy Camba's overdressed, flat salad were enough to send the two chefs packing. I'll genuinely miss Pellegrino in the kitchen! 

Best moments: 

"The Stache" telling Tesar "There is a reason you’re the most hated chef," then describing him with a crude anatomical metaphor.

"Twiggy" flirting with Stefan and asking him to give her a foot rub. 

"The Stache" explaining that his grandparents would have eaten calf fries in the '50s. If you're wondering what calf fries are, they are deep-fried bull or calf testicles. Eek! 

"Top Chef" airs on Bravo Wednesdays at 10, 9 Central.


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