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Some IPhone 5s may have faulty SIM cards that shut off service

October 01, 2012|By Salvador Rodriguez
  • An iPhone 5 after having its SIM card removed.
An iPhone 5 after having its SIM card removed. (Salvador Rodriguez / Los…)

Some iPhone 5 users are turning to support forums to find a fix for an alleged glitch with the new SIM card that causes the device to suddenly stop working.

The users say they are unable to make calls or connect to a cellular network after the phone abruptly displays a message "No SIM card."

One user has started a thread on the support forum titled "iPhone5 'NO SIM CARD INSTALLED' 'NO SERVICE.'"

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"I'm in various places like a restaurant or my home and I get the same issues," she said on the thread. "Why does this happen? I cannot live like this coz I have no landline."

The problem appears to be spread across the three major U.S. networks -- AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

Users are helping each other find solutions in the forums, with some suggesting the affected owners update their iTunes software to the latest version and re-sync their iPhone 5.

However, the most successful solution appears to be taking the iPhone 5 into a retail store for the network you use and asking workers to replace the SIM card.

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"Just an update over on my end," said a user in another thread. "I had the card changed out by AT&T on the 23 and have not had a problem since."

Some users in the thread are speculating that the problem may be related to the iPhone 5 not holding the SIM card in place as securely as it should.

An Apple representative could not be reached for comment.


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