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September auto sales: Who's up and who down [Google+ Hangout]

October 03, 2012|By Jerry Hirsch

U.S. auto sales jumped 13% in September compared with a year ago and represent one sector of the U.S. economy that’s firing on all cylinders. But even in a rising tide there are winners and losers.

With the exception of Nissan, the major foreign nameplates had strong, double-digit sales gains in September, with Toyota and Honda rebounding from depleted inventory and depressed sales caused by the earthquake in Japan last year. General Motors and Ford went into a stall last month.

LIVE VIDEO DISCUSSION: Join us at 2:30 p.m. today

The Times will host a Google+ Hangout at 2:30 p.m. Pacific time with Times auto writer Jerry Hirsch and senior analyst Jessica Caldwell. They will dissect the numbers and drill into which cars are the best sellers, which automakers are on a roll and which ones are lagging. We invite you to join in on the conversation by posting comments below or on The Times’ Facebook and Google Plus pages or via Twitter using the #asklatimes hashtag.


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