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Johnny Depp's 'The Lone Ranger' trailer debuts online

October 03, 2012|By Nicole Sperling

"The Lone Ranger" has had an arduous journey to the big screen. Between budgetary concerns that shut the production down weeks before shooting was to begin and the recent death of a crew member, the Johnny Depp-starring western has been chock-full of complications.

But a trailer that the Walt Disney Co. debuted online ahead of the movie's July 3 release is full-steam ahead, all sleek imagery and fast-paced period action. And yes, you see Armie Hammer's masked Lone Ranger character riding alongside Depp's painted Tonto.

The studio showed the same trailer for the film during its Comic-Con International presentation in San Diego back in July, one heavy on atmosphere and light on story. The footage spends more time illustrating the look and feel of the movie than explaining the plot, with a voice over by Tom Wilkinson and a quick shot of Helena Bonham Carter.

Centering on the advent of the railroad in the American west, and subsequent hijackings that ensue, the trailer shows Depp's character saying, "There come a time Kimosabi, when good men must wear mask," in his best Native American accent.

Directed by Gore Verbinski ("Rango"), "The Lone Ranger" is hoping to be that rare western that will connect with younger audiences. The adept camera work debuted in the trailer could help Disney's cause.


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