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Miguel Cabrera or Mike Trout: Who is the MVP?

October 03, 2012|By Houston Mitchell

Our Google+ Hangout on Wednesday was about the Angels, and it became very interesting. One question: Who should be MVP this season? The answer was posed to Times Angels writer Mike DiGiovanna and Times national baseball columnist Bill Shaikin.

Both came down on the side of Cabrera (note: Times policy is that our reporters are not allowed to officially vote in any awards or Hall of Fame voting).

Both said it is very close, that you could make a case for Trout, but that Cabrera had a better final month of the season, and the fact that Cabrera will probably win the Triple Crown gives him a slight edge.

As for those who criticize the Angels for not starting the season with Trout on the roster, well, DiGiovanna and Shaikin both remind you that Trout was not ready to start the season. He was sick for most of spring training and wasn't ready when the season started.

Are the Angels the biggest disappointment in baseball this season?

DiGiovanna says it is between the Angels, Dodgers and Red Sox. Shaikin says the Angels were a bigger disappointment than the Dodgers, because the Dodgers started the season in bankruptcy, while the Angels started the season with Albert Pujols. However, the Angels are not the biggest disappointment in baseball: That would have to be the Miami Marlins.

Where will Zack Greinke be next season? DiGiovanna says Anaheim is the perfect place for him. Shaikin says the Angels are a top contender, but that Greinke will see what is out there, with the Dodgers, Giants and Atlanta Braves also out there.

Other topics covered included: What do the Angels do the improve their rotation next season? Do the Angels need to bring back Torii Hunter? What will be the outcome of the Angels Stadium issue?

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