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Do you agree with new NBA policy to fine repeat floppers? [Poll]

October 03, 2012|By Chuck Schilken
  • Some accused Phoenix's Shaquille O'Neal of flopping during this 2009 game against Orlando's Dwight Howard.
Some accused Phoenix's Shaquille O'Neal of flopping during… (John Raoux / Associated…)

The NBA announced new anti-flopping rules for the 2012-13 season Wednesday which will fine repeat offenders.

"Flops have no place in our game -- they either fool referees into calling undeserved fouls or fool fans into thinking the referees missed a foul call," said Stu Jackson, executive vice president of basketball operations. "Accordingly, both the board of governors and the competition committee felt strongly that any player who the league determines, following video review, to have committed a flop should -- after a warning -- be given an automatic penalty."

According to the NBA's news release about the new rules, flopping is defined as "any physical act that appears to have been intended to cause the referees to call a foul on another player." And the number of flops a player picks up accumulates throughout the season.

The first offense results in a warning, followed by a $5,000 fine the second time, $10,000 the third, $15,000 the fourth and $30,000 the fifth. After that, a player "will be subject to discipline that is reasonable under the circumstances, including an increased fine and/or suspension."

Separate rules for flopping during the playoffs will be released later.

What do you think of the new rules? Vote in the poll, then leave a comment explaining why you voted the way you did.


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