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Watch: Blake Griffin makes a 75-foot shot look easy

October 04, 2012|By Mike James

But Griffin has acknowledged all along that his outside game needs to improve if he is going to go to the next level as a superstar in the league.

He shot 55%  from the field last season, but that stat doesn't really speak to the quality of his shot from 15 feet and beyond because so many of his baskets came off his signature power moves inside. And he shot only 52% on free throws.

Griffin told The Times' Broderick Turner that he's been working to expand his range earlier this week.

"It's not one of those things where people are going to be like, 'Oh, wow, it's completely different,' " he said. "For me, it's much more compact than it was. I feel like there's less chance for error. But, still, I've got a lot more work to go."

Well, maybe he should start shooting more from outside ... waaaay outside. Wednesday afternoon before an open scrimmage, Griffin drained a 75 foot shot, captured on the above video shot by the Clippers.

Now, if he can figure out how to transfer that to his free throws, he might really be on to something.


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