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College football predictions: Who will win this weekend?

October 04, 2012|By Houston Mitchell

What's up with Jordan Zumwalt? The UCLA linebacker needed 150 stitches in his head after his accident the other day. Foster says Zumwalt probably won't play much against Cal this weekend because wearing a helmet irritates the wound. If the Bruins are playing well without Zumwalt, they probably won't play him much; but if they are struggling, expect to see Zumwalt play more.

Will UCLA beat Cal? This is a dangerous game for the Bruins. Cal is a good 1-3 team and the Bruins will have their hands full.

Predictions for the week:

LSU at Florida -- Dufresne points out this is a critical game for LSU, which has looked bad in its last two games. If Florida wins, it becomes a national title contender.

Georgia at South Carolina -- Both teams struggled last week, but South Carolina has the edge.

West Virginia at Texas -- This is a true litmus test for West Virginia. Are they a legitimate team, or just a fun team that needs to score 70 to win by seven?

Those are just a few of the many, many subjects included in the hangout.


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