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Letters: You call these tomatoes?

October 05, 2012

Re "A U.S.-Mexico tomato fight is about to burst," Business, Oct. 3

The American consumer has been conned into believing that those flawless uniform red things they buy from the feuding farming industries in Mexico and Florida are tomatoes. They may look like one, but they taste like, well, nothing.

Occasionally I buy one hoping this time might be different. Nope; they're the same things that have been sold for decades. No matter the price, they don't taste the way a tomato should.

So I grow my own, and the difference is stark. My home-grown tomatoes are sweet and have so much flavor that there is no need to use dressing.

It's too bad that generations behind mine will never know what tomatoes really taste like. Like so many other things, they are settling for good outside appearance at the expense of what's inside.

Sonny Shear



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