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At a glance: Proposition 30 and Proposition 38

October 06, 2012

Proposition 30, supported by Gov. Jerry Brown, would:

• Raise sales tax by a quarter-cent for four years

• Raise income taxes on individual earnings over $250,000 (over $500,000 for couples) for seven years

• Generate an estimated $6 billion in annual revenue

• Guarantee money for local governments to fund efforts to reduce prison crowding

• Stave off nearly $6 billion in budget cuts, mostly to public schools

Proposition 38, supported by attorney Molly Munger, would:

• Raise income taxes, using an ascending scale, on most Californians for 12 years

• Raise an estimated $10 billion in yearly revenue

• Create a fund for the revenue separate from regular state budget

• Boost spending on schools and early childhood education

• Dedicate some revenue to repaying state debt

Source: Legislative Analyst's Office; Times reporting by Chris Megerian

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