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Kid Rock to team with Paul Ryan at rally in Detroit suburbs

October 08, 2012|By Reed Johnson
  • Kid Rock.
Kid Rock. (Jeremy Deputat / CMT )

Perhaps you've already noticed that Kid Rock doesn't have much patience for political correctness. (His album titles, such as "Rock n Roll Jesus," offer one tip-off.)

But the rock-rapper from suburban Detroit does take a passing interest in politics, as he proved earlier this year when he began stumping for the Republican presidential ticket.

Tonight, Kid Rock will be back on the campaign trail, or thereabouts: The Detroit News reports that Kid Rock will be attending a rally for GOP vice-presidential nomineeĀ  Paul Ryan at Oakland University in the Motown 'burbs.

Characteristically, the Kid has been free with his opinions about the looming White House showdown, including how he intends to cast his ballot. "People are so angry at each other for their viewpoints," he told MTV recently. "You know, yeah, I'm a little right-wing. I'm gonna vote for Mitt Romney, but that's where my politics end."

As the Detroit Free Press points out, Kid Rock has at least one other good reason for keeping his profile high right now. He's got a new record, "Rebel Soul," due out exactly two weeks after the election.

And the newspaper quotes him as saying that he's open to some bipartisan chatter with those who plan to vote for the other guy. "It's OK, we can still have a conversation and be friends and maybe enlighten each other on some views," Kid Rock opines.

Hmm, maybe he could moderate the next presidential debate?


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