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Wedding brawl: Bride gets 'decked,' guest has heart attack [Video]

October 08, 2012|By Amy Hubbard

A Philadelphia wedding brawl that involved guests from more than one wedding and ended with one man dead of a heart attack was caught on video by a disgruntled hotel guest.

Matt Schultz, a guest of the Sheraton Society Hill Hotel, took the video, posted Sunday on YouTube,  over a balcony looking down on the hotel bar. He complains about the noise on his birthday.  Then he asks, "Did they just deck the bride? ... They just decked the bride!"

The scene is one of mass confusion and violence. Amid the sound of screams, a woman in a long red gown is dragged to one side by an officer as police wildly wield their batons.

PHOTOS: News stories that make you go 'wow' reports that the fight was among guests from more than one wedding party at the hotel. "A lot of alcohol" was helping to spur on the fight, a police spokesman said.

Two men were cited for disorderly conduct, the news outlet said, and a third man -- seen being struck by police with a baton in the video -- was in jail Sunday as authorities pondered whether to charge him with assault on an officer.

The uncle of one of the brides had a heart attack during the brawl and died, according to The 57-year-old was reportedly celebrating his birthday.


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