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College football rankings: This week's 'simulated' BCS standings

October 08, 2012|By Chris Dufresne
  • One ranking website says Alabama would currently be the top-ranked team in the BCS standings. The actual BCS ranking make their 2012 debut next week.
One ranking website says Alabama would currently be the top-ranked team… (Butch Dill / Associated…)

In the spirit of trans fat and fake butter and imitation crab legs we offer you this week's simulated BCS standings, because waiting six more days for the "real" standings is the kind of torture no true college football fan should have to endure.

In truth, the internal rumblings of the BCS turbines are approaching levels of acceptable toxicity, as all but one of the six BCS computers is up and running.

Remarkably, the simulated standings, as offered by BCS Guru, pretty much mirror conventional wisdom and the two major polls.

The top five schools in the simulated BCS standings are Alabama, Oregon, South Carolina, West Virginia and Florida. The second five is Notre Dame, Kansas State, LSU, Oregon State and Georgia.

I only have a problem with Georgia still being in the top 10 after its 35-7 loss to South Carolina, but so be it. USC is No. 11 in the fake BCS, followed by Stanford and Oklahoma.

UCLA fans hoping for a miracle: forget it. That deplorable Cal loss dumped the Baby Bruins all the way to BCS No. 41.

The top five in this week's USA Today coaches' poll, which is part of the BCS formula, is Alabama, Oregon, South Carolina, West Virginia and Kansas State. 

Things are starting to settle down at the BCS bureau of labor and statistics, one reason they wait until mid-October to release the first standings.

For instance Oregon State, unlike last week,  is no longer No. 1 in three BCS computers. The Beavers dropped to a more reasonable 4, 5 and 5 in those indexes.

The BCS computers are split on which team is best. Alabama, Oregon and Florida are No. 1 in three computers while Notre Dame is tops in two.

The "real" BCS standings will be unveiled Sunday. The top two schools in the final BCS standings will play for the national title in South Florida.


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