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Penske buys Variety! 'Peanuts' movie in works. 'Community' delayed.

October 09, 2012|By Joe Flint
  • A "Peanuts" movie is in the works.
A "Peanuts" movie is in the works. (CBS )

After the coffee. Before trying out as Jets quarterback.

The Skinny: I can't decide whether to see "Here Comes the Boom" this weekend or wait until Monday and catch it on DVD. Tuesday's headlines include the sale of Variety, a Charlie Brown feature film, a preview of News Corp.'s annual meeting and Paramount's plans to build a theme park in Britain.

Daily Dose: DirecTV still doesn't have a deal with Time Warner Cable to carry its SportsNet, which is home to the Lakers. But it did strike a distribution deal with ION, the little-watched broadcast network best known for reruns of "Criminal Minds" and the occasional Canadian import.

Hope they have snacks. Next week shareholders in Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. will gather in Los Angeles for the media giant's annual meeting. While the ongoing hacking scandal at the company's British media outlets will no doubt again be a topic of discussion, the company's stock is on a roll and the decision to spin off the print operations into a separate company is being applauded. A preview of the meeting from the Los Angeles Times.

Boffo deal. Variety, the legendary Hollywood trade paper (that once employed me) has a new owner. Deadline Hollywood owner Penske Media has struck a deal to buy Variety for $25 million. That's a far cry from what current owner Reed Elsevier was hoping for when it put the paper on the block. Details from the Los Angeles Times.

A Paramount Park. Viacom's Paramount Pictures is planning on opening a theme park in Britain (that's good considering the studio makes so few movies these days), according to the Daily Mail. The park, which will take at least 6 years to build, is seen as a potential rival to Disneyland Paris. Hopefully it will have a roller coaster you can't refuse.

Let me check my wallet. AEG, the sports and entertainment conglomerate that owns the L.A. Live complex, the Kings hockey team, a chunk of the Lakers and which may be key to a future NFL franchise here, is starting the process of selling itself. Reuters says AEG may get bids in the range of $10 billion, which would be more than anticipated.

No Community service yet. NBC's "Community," the show critics love and audiences ignore, is not going to premiere later this month as originally planned. "Community" was moved to Friday. Now NBC has scrapped that plan and isn't saying when or where it will air. Optimists think the show could end up on Wednesday or Thursday because there will likely be some holes there. More on the fate of "Community" from Vulture.

TV dreams. The Weinstein Co. is best known for finding little arty movies that it turns into Oscar-winners and commercial successes. In TV, its record has been far less dramatic. Besides "Project Runway," Weinstein Co. has done little of note. But now the company is beefing up its TV unit and even wants to get into scripted fare. A look at Weinstein Co.'s big ambitions from Variety.

Short walk on a long Piers. The new Vanity Fair offers a short (for Vanity Fair) profile of CNN host and former British tabloid editor Piers Morgan. We learn that while Morgan is the butt of jokes among many back in London, in the U.S. he can't get arrested. But he does dress nice.

Good grief. 20th Century Fox Animation has struck a deal to turn the classic Peanuts comic strip into a movie. I think I'll hold onto my memories of the Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving specials and steer clear of this one when it comes out. And yes, I'm guilty of contempt prior to investigation. More on the movie from Deadline Hollywood.

Inside the Los Angeles Times: YouTube is looking to create online channels for African Americans, Latinos and Asian Americans.

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