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Hulk Hogan sex tape: The wrestler shares his side of the story

October 09, 2012|By Christie D'Zurilla

Aww. Hulk Hogan was so adorable on the "Today" show Tuesday, we kind of feel bad for watching that excerpt of his sex tape. 'Cause the dude's super bummed it was released. Bummed in a big, cuddly, former-wrestler-who's-gonna-tear-apart-whoever-did-it way.

Turns out the tape, which surfaced in March and went public — at least a part of it — last week, was made six years ago at a time when Hogan said he was at a "very, very low point" in his life. He said he didn't know there was a camera in the room and that he's working with authorities to track down the person or people who made and released the tape.

(A police report was filed in Florida on Tuesday morning, according to TMZ, on grounds that Hulk was illegally recorded without consent.)

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"I was with some friends and I made a wrong choice and now all of a sudden it surfaces over six years later and it's just appalling," said the ex-wrestler, real name Terry Bollea. "It's totally flipped my new life and my new role upside down."

The "new life" he refers to is that with Jennifer McDaniel, whom he married in December 2010. She's "rattled, to say the least," and Hogan was also worried about the reaction from his kids, 24-year-old Brooke and 22-year-old Nick.

Hogan hit the Howard Stern show also but with a few more specifics on how the sex came to pass.

"When I bottomed out, when my personal life was ... I knew my marriage was really screwed up bad," he told Stern (via TMZ), "and until I went to the divorce I didn't believe all the stuff, that there was such a thing as verbal or mental abuse, I didn't realize that."

Hogan said that two years of friend Bubba the Love Sponge, a DJ and former wrestler, and Bubba's main squeeze, Heather Clem, discussing the possibility of such an interlude ultimately led to what was on tape — where according to TMZ he's partnered with Clem. Clem and Bubba got married in January 2007, with Hulk as best man, according to the Tampa Bay Tribune.

He agreed with Stern that now the tape is embarrassing, particularly since, as he put it, he's gotten his life together. Mr. and Mrs. Love Sponge, we note, have since gotten divorced.

There's no defense like a good offense, Hulk. Especially when it's an aww-fense.


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