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'I see a purple idiot': Bad Lip Reader takes on Obama and Romney

October 10, 2012|By Deborah Netburn

And so with an open mind, receptive to anything that pops into his head, the Bad Lip Reader watched the debate with the sound off on his television and imagined Romney saying, "That dude is the sickest, we hate him, he had eggs for a bath...."

And he imagined Barack Obama saying, "I see a purple idiot who speaks German, with a big spunky Labradoodle Puppy."

But it is the debate's moderator, Jim Lehrer, who got the most surreal lines, including,  "Matt, shush, because the sofa bears don't know -- go right off -- and I'll defeat 17 bears while you're gone."

And, "Oh, well, they started clapping for the mad cow till someone sold him -- and when they did, they had him stuffed -- just like the water buffalo -- stuffed."

The Bad Lip Reader has made dozens of overdubbed videos -- many of them bad lip reading versions of music videos, but also some other political ones. 

This one, which evolves (dissolves?) into Lehrer singing a totally crazy song called "Eye of the Sparrow" at the end, took him about a week to make.

He agreed that it was definitely the most surreal of all his videos. "I tried to set it up so that viewers would think it was going to be a typical Bad Lip Reading video at first, and then it just takes this crazy turn about halfway in," he wrote. "That made me happy. I'm drawn to surreal, random comedy."


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