Pop & Hiss premiere: Video from Amon Tobin's 'ISAM:LIVE 2.0'

October 10, 2012|By August Brown
  • The electronic music artist Amon Tobin.
The electronic music artist Amon Tobin. (Ninja Tune Records )

The experimental Brazilian beat-music producer Amon Tobin vaulted to the front of his genre when he unveiled a mind-bending new live setup he calls "ISAM:LIVE." Other electronic artists have been experimenting with LEDs and mapping visuals over 3-D surfaces, but Tobin's "ISAM" escalates the concept to fill an entire stage and upend expectations about what an artist can -- and should -- be doing while performing.

On Friday, Tobin brings the second installment of this show, "ISAM:LIVE 2.0,"  to  the Greek Theatre,  and Pop & Hiss has exclusive video of the new setup, co-created with the L.A. firm V Squared Labs. (Watch it in action below.)

The clip reveals the post-industrial 3-D mapping aesthetics of the ISAM rig, and when the complicated setup reverts to pure geometry and color, it lends an uncanny air of shimmering beauty to the stage.

This reporter can attest that Tobin's most recent L.A. set at the Orpheum left plenty of his peers gobsmacked, and "ISAM:LIVE 2.0" looks even more ambitious. In the requisite "LED wars" of today's electronica, Tobin is the lone superpower using visual tech not just to overwhelm, but also to actually move people.

Amon Tobin "ISAM v2.0" from V Squared Labs Inc. on Vimeo.


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