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Suddenly, the presidential campaign turns sexy

October 11, 2012|By Paul Whitefield
  • Ann Romney in a black outfit by designer Alfred Fiandaca on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. Fiandaca says of the Romneys: "Theyre like two kids who just met. Theyre really adorable."
Ann Romney in a black outfit by designer Alfred Fiandaca on "The Tonight… (Paul Drinkwater / NBC/Associated…)

What in the name of all that’s decent has happened in this presidential campaign?

One minute we’re talking deficits and Medicare and the like, and the next thing you know it goes off the rails and straight into “s-e-x.” And I’m not talking Planned Parenthood.

First, this news flash from Thursday:

People in the adult entertainment industry strongly support President Obama over Republican Mitt Romney. Those are the results of a poll of 339 respondents by, an industry social network. The poll found 68% of people in the San Fernando Valley-based porn industry said they would like Obama to win the election, compared with 13% for Romney.

Of course, it would be difficult for the president to trumpet this news in the next debate: “So, Mitt, you’re surging in the swing states but I’ve got the swingers on my side!” But hey, perhaps there’s a way to spice up those campaign ads now that Big Bird is persona non avis.

Speaking of Romney, it turns out he’s got an eye for the ladies -- or should I say, for his lady. Seems she often wears clothes by designer Alfred Fiandaca, who offered up this observation when asked about Mr. Romney’s preferences in Mrs. Romney’s attire:

He has very definite tastes. He likes a waistline, and he likes her to show her figure off. He’s always staring her up and down and smiling. They’re like two kids who just met. They’re really adorable.

Which helps explain the five sons, I suppose. That, and this further observation from Fiandaca:

I recently sent her a zipper-front dress that she’s worn. She liked that so much that she has it in turquoise as well as red. That’s one of Mitt’s favorites.

Hey, Mitt, what the heck: You aren’t in France anymore! 

OK, fine. Enough fluff.  Here's the meat.

First, the pro-porn side:

Steven A. Hirsch, chief executive of Los Angeles-based Vivid Entertainment, said the porn industry's support for the more liberal candidate makes sense.  "The results aren't really surprising because most people involved with the adult industry have a liberal view of government and how it should work,” Hirsch told XBIZ Newswire. “Social issues are more important than fiscal issues and they will support a candidate who shares their beliefs," he said.

Then, the anti-porn folks:

Patrick Trueman, president of Morality in Media, an organization that opposes pornography and indecency, said the Obama administration's Justice Department has not enforced federal laws prohibiting the distribution of hardcore pornography.

“The porn industry is flourishing because the Obama administration has given it a green light to distribute hardcore porn to every man, woman, and child in America,” Trueman said Thursday.

And finally, for you undecided voters, here’s what the guy who makes Ann Romney’s clothes thinks:

I just go with my gut, and I know this man, and he’s funny and he’s an honest person. He’s not someone who’s just giving us B.S. and telling us what he thinks we want to hear. Yeah, this abortion issue offends me. However, I don’t really think that’s him in his heart, and it may be just the Christian right pushing him, but once he gets in, he’ll be the man he is and true to himself.

(Which, come to think of it, is much the same argument Michael Kinsley made in his Times op-ed article Thursday.) 

And in the end, what have we learned?  Well, there's this: It ain’t easy being president -- not only is the economy your fault, and the Middle East mess, but you’re to blame when Mom and Dad catch junior looking at dirty pictures on his iPad!

And this: Keep a close eye on Mr. and Mrs. Romney, those crazy kids!


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