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Live commentary of the VP debate

October 11, 2012|By Alexandra Le Tellier

Joe Biden will face Paul Ryan on Thursday night at Centre College in Kentucky in a vice presidential debate focused on national and foreign policy. Their goal: To convince swing state voters that their candidate is the better man for the country's top job.

The Obama campaign, of course, is hoping Biden delivers a performance that moves the needle back in its favor, and they're banking on Biden's experience, knowledge of national security and extensive preparation to do the job. (No doubt, though, they're also crossing their fingers in hopes that Biden doesn't commit a colossal gaffe, which isn't entirely out of the question.)  Meantime, Ryan is keeping his cool. He may be new to the national debate stage, but he's confident Biden can't win tonight's showdown with Obama's record looming like a dark cloud over his head. (Which, perhaps, isn't entirely fair.)

We will be streaming the debate right here in this spot at 6 p.m. PDT.

Along with showing the debate, we'll also have live commentary from opinionators of different political stripes, sharing their thoughts in 140 characters or less. This week's participants include Doyle McManus, Jonah Goldberg, Jon Healey, Harold Meyerson, Charlotte Allen, Tom Hayden and Patt Morrison.


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