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Lance Armstrong fallout: Levi Leipheimer suspended by his team

October 11, 2012|By Houston Mitchell
  • Levi Leipheimer has been suspended by his team in the wake of the Lance Armstrong report.
Levi Leipheimer has been suspended by his team in the wake of the Lance Armstrong… (Denis Poroy / Associated…)

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency report on Lance Armstrong, released Wednesday, has had some fallout on another cyclist: Levi Leipheimer.

The Omega Pharma-Quick-Step Cycling Team suspended Leipheimer on Thursday in the wake of the report.

The team said the 38-year-old veteran was “placed on non-active status” while the USADA report and Leipheimer's statements are reviewed.

USADA used evidence from 26 people, including Leipheimer, for a report that presented doping evidence against Armstrong. Leipheimer was a teammate of Armstrong's for five years.

In a statement released to the Wall Street Journal, Leipheimer said, in part:

"Today, I accept responsibility and USADA's sanctions for participating in the dirty past of cycling. I've been racing clean for more than 5 years in a changed and much cleaner sport. I hope that my admission will help to make these changes permanent.

Until recently—or maybe even until today—when people thought about doping, they thought about a guy, by himself, using banned substances to get ahead. What people didn't realize—what I didn't realize until after I was already committed to this career—was that doping was organized and everywhere in the peloton. Doping wasn't the exception, it was the norm.....

I regret that this was the state of affairs in the sport that we love and I chose as my career. I am sorry that I was forced to make the decisions I made. I admit that I didn't let doping deter me from my dream. I admit that I used banned substances.

I know that learning this will disappoint many of my fans and friends and I am sorry that the sport and I have let you down."

The team says it wants to speak to Leipheimer in person before deciding on any further action.


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