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'Argo' tries to take 'Taken 2' at box office. Fair use debate.

October 12, 2012|By Joe Flint
  • Ben Affleck's "Argo" is expected to open big.
Ben Affleck's "Argo" is expected to open big. (Warner Bros. )

After the coffee. Before finding out why no network wants to turn my Twitter feed into a TV show.

The Skinny: I can't decide whether to see "Argo" or "Seven Psychopaths" this weekend. And then there's "Here Comes the Boom." Such tough decisions. Friday's headlines include a preview of the weekend box office, a look at the first two weeks of the TV season and a profile of Hulu chief Jason Kilar.

Daily Dose: Speculation that former NBC Chief Executive Jeff Zucker could be the next head of CNN Worldwide refuses to die down. Now Mediaite lays out its case for why Zucker would be a good choice. CNN has said it will name a successor to the exiting Jim Walton by the year's end. For what it's worth, while Zucker is a sexy name to throw around, people close to CNN have dismissed the idea. We'll see soon enough.

Showdown. Liam Neeson's No. 1 movie "Taken 2" is facing a tough fight this weekend to hold on to the top spot at the box office against "Argo," the Ben Affleck-directed thriller. Both are projected to make around $25 million. Also opening is the horror movie "Sinister," which is expected to pull in about $18 million, and the Kevin James comedy "Here Comes the Boom," which will likely make $16 million. Previews of the weekend box office from the Los Angeles Times and Hollywood Reporter.

Where did everybody go? Ratings are way off for the first two weeks of the TV season except for NBC, which is actually up. Is it that a lot of the new shows are not working? Is it that the NFL now has football on Thursday, which is taking away viewers on that key night? Is it that more people are using their digital video recorders and are watching just as much TV but not in a timely fashion? It's all of the above. A look at the start of the new broadcast season from the Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times.

What's fair? Every election campaign some candidate uses a song or a TV clip, then gets asked by the artist or network to not use it and then some debate over fair use starts. But what is fair use? The copyright law regarding fair use of a clip or song is sometimes open to interpretation. A look at the law and where it applies and it where it doesn't from Variety and Politico.

Hulu's hero. Jason Kilar, the chief executive of the online video site Hulu, should be on top of the world. The site, which primarily carries TV shows and clips from the broadcast networks, has become incredibly popular and now its new subscription service is growing as well. But running a business that ultimately serves to take viewers away from television and that is owned by companies that make a lot of money off of television creates a lot of tension. A profile of Kilar from Fast Company.

Around the dial. Come January, CBS Sports will launch its own national radio network. The field is already crowded with ESPN and Fox and newcomer NBC. CBS owns a lot of radio stations in top markets that will give it a good platform but odds are ESPN and Fox shows will continue to dominate the ratings. A closer look from the New York Post.

Inside the Los Angeles Times: Kenneth Turan on "Argo." and "Seven Psychopaths."

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