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Buses as danger zones: Videos of violence spur outrage, firings

October 12, 2012|By Amy Hubbard

Violence aboard buses is in the news, with two separate incidents that were caught on video going viral online. And, demonstrating the power of even snippets of video, both cases have ended with someone out of a job.

In a Sept. 18 incident aboard a Cleveland bus, the driver -- reportedly a longtime employee of the transit agency -- is shown delivering a stunning uppercut to a woman with whom he has exchanged heated words. (Warning: The video includes profanity.) He then physically tosses the woman from the bus, throwing her belongings out after her. 

The woman reboards, they continue scuffling, with the driver at one point grabbing her by the hair as passengers intervene.

The driver has been removed from duty, according to the Cleveland Leader. A spokeswoman for the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority said: "We also saw the video today. Upon review, the driver was removed from duty and suspended. We are investigating."

Another incident of violent behavior on board a bus has sparked outrage in the town of Galesburg, Mich., after a 7-year-old was slammed against a school bus window, allegedly by a bus aide.

Parents were carrying signs and protesting in the Michigan town after the incident earlier this week. 

According to in Michigan, the boy's mother admits that his behavior has been unruly and disruptive, but she says that doesn't excuse the aide's behavior.

She says her son, Hunter Dawson, was bruised in the incident. The aide, Heidi Mullin, has been terminated.


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