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Live discussion: Matt Hasselbeck or Jake Locker, who should start?

October 12, 2012|By Houston Mitchell

Could Jake Locker have done what Matt Hasselbeck did last night? Hasselbeck, thrust into the starting role for the Titans because of the injury to Locker, played the role of crafty veteran in the upset win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This puts conflicting pressures on the Titans. Do you go with Hasselbeck and win now? Or do you play the younger player and suffer through some growing pains, knowing that there will be a great payoff down the line.

These days, many teams have a seasoned quarterback backing up a young player. As Farmer pointed out, this isn't like the old days, when you could have a Steve Young backing up Joe Montana. You are now forced to pay premium dollars for a veteran quarterback, which means you can't spend as much on the offensive line.

Hasselbeck stepped up against the Steelers, and has put the Titans in a quandary.

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