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Top 10 features in Apple i0S 6

The Maps app in Apples' iOS 6 is clearly flawed, but some other features are pretty cool and useful.

October 13, 2012|By Salvador Rodriguez, Los Angeles Times

On an iPad or iPod Touch follow the same steps to get to the Messages tab of the Settings app. Scroll down and tap Send & Receive. There, you can choose to receive iMessages sent to your iPhone number. On your Mac, you can enable the feature by opening the Messages app, clicking Messages at the top left of your screen and selecting Preferences. From there click the Accounts tab and under iMessage you'll see your phone number. Make sure it's checked.

Keep advertisers from tracking what you do

Apple has added a new privacy setting in iOS 6 that enables users to block advertisers from tapping into your usage data and Web browser cookies, or a text file that resides on your device and contains information about websites you visit. Advertisers can use the data and the cookies to target specific ads to the user.

Go to your Settings app and tap General followed by About. Scroll down to Advertising, and once you click that you'll be given the option to turn on Limit Ad Tracking.

Siri science fiction movie reviews

A fun new iOS 6 gem comes from Siri, Apple's voice assistant. She gives her own take on some science fiction movies. Some are pretty funny. Not all movies are reviewed, but our favorite is what she says about "Inception:"

" 'Inception' is about dreaming about dreaming about dreaming about dreaming about something or other. I fell asleep," Siri says.

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