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Where did everybody go?

Fans aren't happy with the Lakers, Time Warner Cable and the Pac-12 Networks.

October 13, 2012
  • Lakers guard Kobe Bryant reacts to a call during the second half of the NBA basketball game against Oklahoma City Thunder on Dec. 22, 2009.
Lakers guard Kobe Bryant reacts to a call during the second half of the NBA… (Andrew Gombert / EPA )

The Lakers have shut the eyes and ears of millions of viewers (six in my household) with their new TV contract with Time Warner Cable. Millions of those blindsided Lakers fans will be watching the surging Clippers instead on their cable and satellite networks. Out of sight and out of mind.

Ken Johnson

Pinon Hills


Want to congratulate the L.A. Times for having the best fiction writers in the business. They write about UCLA's loss to Cal and they write about the Lakers' preseason games, but we know they're making it all up. Along with 19 million other subscribers to DirecTV, I know if there were games being played, we would be viewing them on the sports-oriented satellite provider, but since we're not....

Also, want to congratulate the Pac-12 for hiring a magician, Larry Scott as commissioner, as he makes games disappear from the airwaves.

Finally, I want to tell Pat Haden and Dan Guerrero that I know some uber-rich alums from both schools, who have promised they will not donate another nickel to their favorite school, unless and until the games reappear.

Fred Wallin

Westlake Village


If Time Warner Cable can partner up with the Lakers for broadcast rights for $3 billion, then TWC is making too damn much money!

Sandy J. Sand

West Hills


It was great seeing Bill Plaschke air the sentiment shared by so many L.A. sports fans, in his Oct. 7 piece. The Lakers picked an awful time to move most of their broadcasts off of FS West and onto a new network that so many fans won't get. In case they have forgotten, we are still in a recession, and cable providers are leery of increasing costs that they have to pass on to customers.

Lakers management fails to realize that this move dumps fans and it doesn't bring more in. This is very sad because many people lost the opportunity to see one of the greatest Laker teams of all time this season. Shame on you, Lakers!

Forrest Woolman

Canyon Country


I wish to make an emphatic edited ditto to Bill Plaschke's fine article, with "UCLA, USC et al" replacing "L.A. Lakers" and "Pac-12 Cable Network" replacing "Time Warner Cable".

Mark Weissman

Rancho Palos Verdes


Last year, I was paying $100 for DirecTV, and got the Dodgers, Angels, Clippers, and Lakers. Oh, and also USC and UCLA football. This year, I'm paying $100, but now I only get the Dodgers, Angels, and Clippers. What is reasonable about paying an extra $3.95 just to watch the Lakers? And what is the Pac-12 channel asking for? And will I be paying less for FS West/Prime Ticket? Not likely. So why should I pay perhaps $5 a month more this year for the exact same thing I had last year? There is no added value here, just companies that want to take more money out of my pocket.

Bill Plaschke seems to have only written half an article here.

Matthew Klipper

Studio City


Poor Jeanie Buss — she can't get the Lakers because she has DirecTV. She says, "So I understand what everyone is going through." If she really knew what we were going through, she would attend one or two Lakers games a year while sitting in the nosebleed section.

Jeanie and her family did business with TWC, and now TWC is putting a gun to everyone's head until we start coughing up the money. Now if Jeanie could not attend or see any preseason games because she's stuck with DirecTV, she would have a small inkling of what we're are going through. When DirecTV finally pays its ransom to TWC, guess who they'll pass the cost on to so that the Buss family and the bloated superstars can have a few extra million each year. What a pathetic joke!

David Waldowski

Alta Loma

Blue Bruins

USC in 2006, Tennessee in 2008, Texas in 2010, and Nebraska in 2012 — landmark, program-changing victories, right? Wrong! Cal's 43-17 thumping of the UCLA Bruins proves this program is no further along, and the schedule looks daunting the remainder of the season. Plot sound familiar?

Jack Wolf



The kids at UCLA are playing their hearts out and beat national power Nebraska. If their superb coach Jim Mora is to be blamed for an avoidable error, it's having agreed to an interview with T.J. Simers.

Konrad Moore



In asking the UCLA coach questions, our Page 2 scribe managed to include himself using "I and Me" 30 times, while the very accommodating subject of the interview found it necessary to refer to himself five times — but then, Coach Mora did get a lovely color picture.

Gerald Earle

Los Angeles


Don't know what happened to UCLA this season, but it's getting out of whack. First this silly idea of forming the Pac-12 network. What the heck good is it if you can't find it, can't watch away games, or home games for that matter. I'm sorry but Time Warner is just not cutting it.

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