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Letters: Take America's enemies seriously

October 14, 2012

Re "America just can't help it," Opinion, Oct. 9

Osama bin Laden's death does not for a moment make those fighting us in the war on terror think they can go home. Bin Laden became the face of Islamic terrorism; he was not the originator. His death does not diminish what he represents.

North Korea and Iran, according to Tom Engelhardt, are "held together by baling wire." I hardly think so. Both countries have strong and dangerous governments that pursue goals that include having stockpiles of weapons that threaten world peace. Engelhardt relegates China to some kind of used-car nation. My goodness.

Engelhardt cites "America's lack of enemies" and "a few thousand jihadis." How much did it cost to finance the attacks on the World Trade Center? More important, it has never been the quantity of our enemies; it has always been the quality of their message.

I cannot take Engelhardt's opinion seriously.

John Everett

Agoura Hills


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