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Letters: Questions about the Libya attack

October 14, 2012

Re "U.S. was urged to add Libya guards," Oct. 11

It has become increasingly clear that the Obama administration (which I formerly supported) was perfectly willing to make our freedom of speech, rather than its own ineptitude and lack of vigilance, the villain in the recent attack on our Libyan consulate.

That our United Nations ambassador, Susan Rice, went on political shows on TV spreading distortions and untruths regarding the atrocity in Benghazi is an obscenity.

Michael Jenning

Van Nuys

It is true that some observers thought the U.S. should keep a few more guards at the outpost in Benghazi (though probably not enough to stand up to being heavily outnumbered).

But it is also true that in the last two budget cycles, Congress — whose Republican members blame the Obama administration for the security lapse — were responsible for big cuts in the security budget for such overseas facilities.

Congressional Republicans cannot have it both ways.

Peter Israel

Sherman Oaks


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