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Anthony Bourdain to end 'No Reservations' with mini-'Wire' reunion

October 16, 2012|By Patrick Kevin Day

After nine seasons on Travel Channel, Anthony Bourdain is signing off his hit show "No Reservations" on Nov. 5. (Though Bourdain fans shouldn't worry too much — he's just taking his act over to CNN).

For his final episode, Bourdain is combining two of his long-running passions: the city of New York and the 2002-2008 HBO series  "The Wire."

The globe-trotting chef and author has often talked about how much he loves New York, and his final journey isn't taking him far. He's going across the East River to Brooklyn. And in addition to his frequent sidekick, Zamir, Bourdain is meeting up with one of the stars of his all-time favorite TV show.

In a clip previewing the final episode, Bourdain goes to get Caribbean food with actor Michael K. Williams, who plays Omar Little on David Simon's classic series. And in a moment that Bourdain says was completely unplanned and unscripted, Williams' onscreen rival, Jamie Hector, who played drug lord Marlo Stanfield, showed up at the restaurant.

Bourdain has often geeked out over "The Wire" on his show and he's even featured other performers from the series, including Felicia "Snoop" Pearson and even Simon himself. So great has been Bourdain's love of Simon's works that he's even taken on a side business as a writer on Simon's current HBO series, "Treme."

As a bonus for the media-savvy, New York Times columnist David Carr appears in the background of this episode, ordering food at the counter.

Though the title of Bourdain's new show on CNN hasn't been announced, it has been explained that he'll continue to globe-trot and explore different cultures through their food.


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