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Previewing the second presidential debate [Google+ hangout]

October 16, 2012|By James Rainey

With the outcome of the presidential election still very much in doubt, Tuesday night’s debate on New York’s Long Island promises to be one of the most heavily watched and thoroughly scrutinized events of the long campaign.

Robin Abcarian has logged thousands of miles and countless hours on the campaign trail for the Los Angeles Times. She joins me, Politics Now blog host Jim Rainey, at 1 p.m. PDT for a video discussion of the upcoming showdown between President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

What will be Obama’s approach in Debate No. 2, after a lackluster effort in his first confrontation with Romney? How will he balance a more aggressive stance and still maintain a semblance of presidential bearing?

What does the challenger have to do to keep his perceived momentum going? Will Romney, once viewed as awkward with the voting public, deal adeptly with the citizens who will be asking questions in the town-hall-style debate?

Abcarian and I will address these and other questions, including how much of a difference a debate can make three weeks before election day and what topics the two candidates would prefer to tackle.

Our Google+ hangout discussion will include any late-breaking news from our reporters, who are with the Romney and Obama camps as they make final preparations for the debate at Hofstra University in New York.

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