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Letters: Hindsight in the Libya attack

October 16, 2012

Re "Libya becomes a point of contention," Oct. 13

Let's assume there was a security error at the consulate in Libya. Still, the State Department likely had real-time

information on what was happening at the consulate on Sept. 11 and knew it was a terrorist attack. So at a minimum you must assume that these facts were passed on to the president by the next day.

From that point forward, the White House engaged in misdirection. When you are not telling the truth for political reasons and use others in your administration to assist in the misdirection, you have a president who places his own political fortunes ahead of the country.

Don Black

Rancho Palos Verdes

What we're looking for in a commander in chief is someone who remains calm in the face of breaking news and reserves judgment until enough facts are gathered. Mitt Romney, by firing off his charge that President Obama was apologizing for America because the U.S. Embassy in Cairo was trying to prevent an attack by militants (and while something was going on in Libya), disqualified himself from consideration.

Now Romney is trying to politicize the aftermath by implying that the Obama administration is engaging in a coverup. I think it's despicable.

Robert McEwen


Four Americans were killed in a terrorist attack in Libya more than a month ago. The president is referring questions to his State Department. His secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, says she doesn't yet know what happened.

The American people are being given the runaround. It's certainly no surprise that this is a point of contention.

William McClure

South Pasadena


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