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Letters: Black families on TV

October 17, 2012
  • A crowd gathers at First AME for a screening of the new TV sitcom “The Soul Man,” with star Cedric the Entertainer and other actors in attendance.
A crowd gathers at First AME for a screening of the new TV sitcom “The… (Earl Gibson, The FrontPage…)

Re "Left out of the TV household," Oct. 13

How ironic it is that we can put a black family into the White House but fail so badly when it comes to putting one on TV. Apparently, voters are far less risk-averse than television executives.

I remember my battles in the 1960s, '70s and '80s trying to put leading black characters in the shows I was writing or creating. But it wasn't just a fight for that kind of diversity; it was a struggle for any kind of diversity: Just try and name a detective "Goldberg" or write in a gay character.

I suppose we have come a long way with many groups, but the struggle for black identity goes on despite those wonderful people in the White House. I for one can only hope that we will see those beautiful black faces smiling at us from Pennsylvania Avenue for a long time. Who needs TV?

Anthony Lawrence

Woodland Hills

The Times' subheadline states, "Decades after 'The Cosby Show' broke ground on prime time, black families are all but missing." However, "The Cosby Show" was about a family that was black, not about a black family.

Perhaps when producers recognize the distinction, you will see more minority representation.

Harris J. Levey



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