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Letters: Don't let Vick have a dog

October 17, 2012

Re "Michael Vick, dog owner," Editorial, Oct. 14

Why take up the cause of a man whose crimes shocked even hardened animal rescue workers? The Times argues that because Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has served his time, he deserves a second chance at dog ownership. In fact, Vick only served time on dogfighting charges. The animal abuse charges against him were dropped in a plea deal.

This is what happened the last time Vick owned dogs: The dogs were starved, chained, shot, strangled, electrocuted, beaten and slammed into the ground until they died. Vick inflicted as much pain as he could devise.

Vick has a new clothing line and is eager to rehabilitate his image. The Times shouldn't help him. Vick should never be allowed near dogs again.

Jo Perry

Studio City


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