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Live discussion: Should Lakers fans be worried about the team?

October 17, 2012|By Houston Mitchell

If you missed our Google+ hangout today at 11:30 a.m. you can watch a replay of it above. In it, Times Lakers reporter Mike Bresnahan and Clippers reporter Brad Turner discussed the two teams and what to expect in the upcoming weeks. A host of topics were covered, including:

The Lakers are 0-4 in the exhibition season; should fans be concerned?

"They were 0-4 in the exhibition season during one of their title years, so, no," Bresnahan said.

How about Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant and how they have blended so far?

"Well, we haven't seen much of them," Bresnahan said. "They haven't played too much together yet. We haven't seen a pick-and-roll with them yet."

As for Dwight Howard, "there won't be much adjustment when he starts playing," he said. "You know what you're are going to get with him, so he should blend in pretty seamlessly. It might take about a month into the season though, for the Lakers to get comfortable with each other."

What about Lamar Odom on the Clippers?

"He needs to lose some more weight," Turner said. "He needs to get into better physical shape. He has to look like he did when he was with the Lakers."

As for Coach Vinny Del Negro, "Vinny has only one year left on his contract," Turner said. "He needs to get to at least to the second round of the playoffs and [not] get swept. If that happens, it improves his chances to come back as coach."

Our next Google+ hangout is Thursday at 11:30 a.m. and will be about college football. The talk is scheduled to feature Times national college football columnist Chris Dufresne, USC writer Gary Klein and UCLA writer Chris Foster.

If you have questions for Dufresne, Klein and Foster, send them in an email to and we will try to answer them on the air.


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