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Letters: Deadly weapons, made in USA

October 18, 2012

Re "Syrians report use of cluster bombs," Oct. 15

The article accurately describes the heinous nature of cluster bombs and their long-lived capacity to maim and injure people. Mainly civilians. Often children. Really, who would think up and manufacture such a weapon?

You cite the Convention of Cluster Munitions, which bans their use, and note that Syria, unlike 100 other countries, has not signed it. You neglected to mention that the United States has also not signed the treaty (along with our friends China, Russia, India, Israel and Pakistan).

We recently petitioned the United Nations to suspend the ban. Is it really good business to export such a product?

Your article was a serious lie of omission about our despicable role in the international arms trade.

Marilyn Steele

Corte Madera, Calif.


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